Meet Gina Calanni

I’m running to be a strong voice for everyday, hardworking Texans

We need to guarantee access to affordable healthcare, address rising property taxes, provide our kids with a high-quality public education, end human trafficking, and prepare for future catastrophic weather events. We can tackle these Texas-sized problems together.

A Texas-Sized Work Ethic

My three school-aged boys asked me to run for office after big cuts to public education funding. Our state government was failing to meet the next generation’s needs, so I agreed and put my name on the ballot.

During my first legislative session, I got to work for the residents of western Harris County. As a single, working mom, I passed 11 bills—more than any other Democratic freshman.

I’m proud to fight for our corner of the Lone Star State.

Legislative Accomplishments

I co-authored 72 bills just in the 2019–⁠2020 legislative session.

During my first legislative session, I passed 11 separate bills to tackle problems facing the people in House District 132. These laws: 

I look forward to the opportunity to keep this legislative momentum going.

Fighting for Affordable Healthcare

A few years ago, I had to delay an annual checkup because I didn’t have health insurance. Once I had coverage again, I got my checkup and learned I had cervical cancer. Not having access to critical healthcare services put me at risk, just like it does to so many other Texans. 

As a mom and a cancer survivor, I know how important affordable healthcare is for Texas families. I will fight to make sure every Texan has access to healthcare.

Healthy Texas families mean a healthy Texas economy. 

Committed to Reliable School Funding

I’ve been involved in our community for years as a volunteer and PTA member so I know that an educated society is a stronger society.

I proudly co-authored House Bill 3, which increased the state’s share of public school funding, lowered local property taxes, and transformed school finance in Texas, but there’s still plenty of work to do.

To protect school funding and pay our teachers what they deserve we need reliable sources of funding. We also need to make sure the state pays its share of public education funding to prevent our school districts from having to raise property taxes.

Establishing Flood Resiliency for our Community and Future

Like many other Texans, the catastrophic flooding that followed Hurricane Harvey damaged my home and forced my family to move. While Texans struggled to get back on their feet, the Governor refused to call a special session to use Rainy Day funds on recovery efforts. 

As a member of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, I will pass more proactive legislation to get the Lone Star State ready for future natural disasters and fund critical flood infrastructure projects.